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Laboratory informatics requirements regarding Operations management

All labs have their own specific information management needs, some of which may be identical to those
Overall lab management is improved with the right LIMS.
of other labs, and some which may be unique. Furthermore, the different types of labs and testing that may be part of the overall lab in a given industry may have their own unique sets of requirements and concerns.

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) should be a tool for improving laboratory effectiveness and efficiency, not just as regards analysis, but in various areas of information management. Specifications for a LIMS regarding operations management can be identified and used to screen potential vendors and their products.


Template:Datasheet 481748 Invoice search

Template:Datasheet 481815 Manage documents

Template:Datasheet 481992 Monitor reagents

Template:Datasheet 481996 Monitor proficiency

Template:Datasheet 481999 Assign work

Template:Datasheet 482001 Review pending and unassigned work

Template:Datasheet 482006 Information workflow

Template:Datasheet 482012 Assign tasks by criteria

Template:Datasheet 482038 Operations analysis

Template:Datasheet 482110 Costs

Template:Datasheet CH 0917141 Shipping and receiving

Template:Datasheet LM 1025142 Monitor KPIs

Template:Datasheet SLS0205 Work list sharing

Template:Datasheet SLS0403 Transfer and chain of custody

Template:Datasheet SLS0406 Tracking potential billing costs

Template:Datasheet SLS0407 Tracking time and costs

Template:Datasheet SLS0433 Supervisor override

Template:Datasheet SLS0505 Tracking standards and reagents

Template:Datasheet SLS0506 Chemical and supplies inventory

Template:Datasheet SLS0507 Inventory adjustments

Template:Datasheet SLS0513 Inventory re-ordering items

Template:Datasheet SLS1204 MSDS access

Template:Datasheet SLS1206 SOP maintenance

Template:Datasheet SLS1208 Security and safety records

Template:Datasheet SLS1209 Training scheduling and tracking

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