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Welcome to the Limspec Wiki, a repository of specifications and more for informatics software

Limspec has served as a tool for managing the evaluation process of a laboratory information management system (LIMS) or a laboratory information system (LIS) since 2007.[1] It has seen several iterations since then, transforming into a more comprehensive collection of requirements and specifications for systems beyond LIMS and LIS. Now a wide variety of requirement datasheets can be generated and housed based upon a collection of hundreds of individual specifications.

Here you can find numerous tools related to the new Limspec.

Get started
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Need help getting started with Limspec Wiki? Here are some excellent starting points:

You'll also find helpful starting points in the three other navigation boxes on this page: one for datasheets (system- or industry-specific collections of specifications), one for specifications (individual system requirements or functionality points), and one for maintenance files related to the first two.

Limspec Wiki and MediaWiki help:

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We have the following datasheets available for viewing and use:

Vendor-neutral, blank datasheets:

Specific software datasheets, with responses:

Datasheet sections/chapters:

All datasheet categories can be found here.

Maintenance files

We have the following maintenance-related files for datasheets and specifications:

Datasheet-related templates:

Specification-related templates:

All vendor-neutral specification template categories can be found here.

Vendor-specific specification templates:

Special maintenance templates:


  1. Jones, John (26 June 2007). "Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library". Laboratory Informatics Institute. http://www.limsfinder.com/BlogDetail.aspx?id=32175_0_29_0_C. Retrieved 27 April 2015.