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Like a specification, a datasheet (or data sheet) can be defined in different ways depending on its use: it may be formal, architectural, functional, program-specific, action-specific, or a mix of these and other aspects. For manufacturers of computer hardware, for example, a datasheet is defined as "a manufacturer's specification of the parameters of a device or integrated circuit, its functions, and its pin connections."[1] The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides very specific datasheets called "safety data sheets" that clearly identify the toxicity and hazards associated with a product.[2] And parts datasheets — standardized in part by the International Electrotechnical Commission — is a "technical fact sheet" that provides key information on ratings, characteristics, and mechanical and environmental data about a part.[3]

For the purposes of this wiki, we generally use the word "datasheet" to refer to a set of operational requirements and features for a software system. For example, the Alfresco Community datasheet represents a researched compilation of many system requirements and features, including over 100 individual specifications. For the purposes of this wiki, when a single requirement is described for a system, we use the word "specification."


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